Do we need European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) permits? The road haulage sector of Europe needs all the help it can get and to limit the number of trucks available to do cross border loads will make things more difficult?

The UK Government has passed legislation that will allow EU hauliers to continue to operate in the EU with their Community Licence if the UK leaves without a deal.  Cabotage is permitted in line with existing EU rules initially but the UK Government has powers to suspend this.

  • Drivers licence: the UK has said we will continue to recognise and exchange EU driver’s licences after exit day. The EU has not covered driver’s licences in the unilateral proposal. We are working with individual member states to try and secure recognition and exchange of licences bilaterally. If this is not done in time for exit day drivers will have to carry an international driving permit when driving in the EU.
  • Tractor / trailer number plate: Nothing will change as far as the existing plates are concerned, but trailers used internationally must be registered with the DVLA and display an additional plate for their own registration.
  • Driving time: The UK has committed to stay a member of The European Agreement Concerning the Work of Crews of Vehicles Engaged in International Road Transport (AETR). This agreement governs driver hours rules and is currently in line with EU regulations. Therefore, there will be no changes in driver hours rules after we leave the EU, unless AETR diverges from EU law.
  • Cabotage: The EU measure on road haulage connectivity allows limited cabotage and cross trade; a UK haulier can conduct two additional journeys in the EU in 7 days for the initial 4 months, this will then drop down to 1 additional journey for the next 3 months, and finally 0 for the remaining months. The Regulation will be in place until 31 Dec 2019. After December 2019, access rights for UK hauliers in the EU will need to be negotiated, the UK’s aim is for UK hauliers to maintain access to the EU as it now.
  • ID cards: ID cards for drivers entering the UK can still be used but this may change over time.