What pre-notification system do we use and what documents do we need to produce to go with the export of non-animal food products?

In a no deal scenario, the EU will treat the UK as a third country and apply the same controls to the UK as it does to third countries currently. Certain products, including some produce like fruit and vegetables, will require a phytosanitary certificate to move to the EU. A list of controlled material can be found on Gov.uk in our guidance on third country imports (as the UK’s import controls on third countries are the same as the EU’s controls):


In order to request a phytosanitary certificate, if needed, businesses exporting from England and Wales will need to use the eDomero system to request an inspection of the consignment and the issue of a certificate.

High-risk food and feed products not of animal origin, are those that originate from specific third countries having been identified by the EU as posing a specific risk to public health.  They are listed in EU legislation, and are subject to import requirements including pre-notification and import controls at an EU Designated Point of Entry (DPE).  From Day 1, the UK as a new third country, will not have any high-risk food and feed products.